Through my experiences as a psychotherapist, my own work and ongoing professional development, I have realized that the mind, body, emotions, spirit and environment work together – each part can only be understood in relation to all other parts.

Each of us needs to be treated as a whole person and not just a single problem. Each of us is unique in terms of our personality and experiences. Consequently, no single therapeutic approach can address the complexities that make us who we are, or who we want to be.

Through professional development, ongoing consultation and personal experience I have broadened my practice to include:

Cognitive-behavioural therapy


Relaxation and Meditation


Certified Hakomi Therapist
Hakomi is a mindfulness based psychotherapy practice. | |

And for some clients, I find that working in conjunction with a registered acupuncturist, a Jin Shin Do® practitioner or a Reiki specialist  extremely helpful.

I believe you are a unique individual and, therefore, your counselling plan should be tailored to fit your individual needs.

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